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Welcome to the JessyInk Cutroom

The cutroom is a brain friendly, visual editor for JessyInk presentations.

JessyInk is a build in extension of Inkscape, a powerful free vector illustration software. It allows to create animated presentations in a Sozi or Prezi like pan and zoom style.

Here is an example presentation including a basic how to.

JessyInk might feel a little lofi, but it's super simple workflow still makes it a handy tool for a quick and vivid alternative to the next boring powerpoint.

Unfortunately, reworking a presentation is quite a hassle - especially after some time. Jessyink does not offer any kind of visual storyboard or graphic editor. It's all numbers and figures - you know, the stuff we need excel for and that's not the hell you want to enter.

The cutroom shows what happens when in your presentation and provides an easy drag and drop editor.

Step View

displays the current slide's views and effects in order of their appearance. A blue border highlights the step currently shown in the presentation view.

Click on a step or use arrow up and down keys to switch the current step.


to change the order of appearance, you can...

Drop targets are highlighted while dragging. However, there are some restrictions:

  • Steps can only contain one view
  • Steps cannot contain effect in and effect out of the same object

Effect identification

moving the mouse over an effect will highlight the object in the presentation view. If it does not show, the object is probably outside the current view bounds.

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